Here are some videos that I have generated.

The Agile Leadership talk at the Agile People conference.

I gathered some friends for a panel hosted by Meridian University on the topic of Presence at Work.

The main item is my keynote talk in Sydney in May 2013 for the Leadership Circle Asia Pacific community.

I was also interviewed, and here are two clips from that.



Here are some videos from others that I find useful for various purposes.


David Whyte

Here is a clipof David Whyte discussing the beginnings of the journey of transformation and using David Wagoner's poem Lost to illustrate this.

Parker Palmer

This is a small excerpt from a talk Parker Palmer gave at Gonzaga University in 1995.

If you like that excerpt, here is the full video.

David Bohm

Here is an excerpt from an interview done at the Niels Bohr Institute in 1989. This segment focuses on wholeness and the attitude behind dialogue.


Anthony DeMello

DeMello was a Jesuit priest who spoke of awareness and Love.